Free Comic Book Day 2016

15 May 2016

Another year, another Free Comic Book Day! This year I had the pleasure of being part of the All Star Comics Artist Alley, drawing free sketches for everyone and anyone. This was the first time I drew on-demand in such a small … Continue reading

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Festival of the Photocopier 2016 #FOTP16

11 February 2016

This Valentine’s Day I will be participating in Sticky Institute‘s annual zine fair, the Festival of the Photocopier at the Melbourne Town Hall. I have three new zines launching: Maling Road, Love, and I’m just putting the finishing touches on … Continue reading

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Jennifer Wu at All Star Comics

Becky Cloonan and the All Star Comic Market, oh my!

23 September 2015

A few weeks back I was invited to participate in an all women comic market, organised by the team at All Star Comics in Melbourne (I cannot emphasise enough what a generous and amazing bunch of people they are) to coincide with … Continue reading

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All Star Artists Assembly

3 July 2015

Last Saturday I got to spend the day at All Star Comics Melbourne as part of their All Star Artists Assembly. It was an impromptu do to coincide with the OzComicCon weekend, so I really wasn’t at all prepared for … Continue reading

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MCA Zine Fair 2015

MCA Zine Fair 2015

28 May 2015

I know I’ve been woeful with updating my blog, but if you’ve come here in search of my work after attending the MCA Zine Fair, hello and welcome! You couldn’t have asked for a better impetus for me to return … Continue reading

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Jen geeks out big time

20 May 2014

So it’s been a while since I last updated, the reason for that being I got very sick out of the blue for several weeks. I got tests done but they all came back normal. It was a very perplexing and … Continue reading

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Pretty Packaging by MOR Modern Apothecary

23 March 2014

I randomly had a peek in the local chemist near work last week and spotted these gorgeously packaged body care products by MOR Modern Apothecary, an Australian  brand specialising in bath, body, and lifestyle products. From their About Us: MOR’s philosophy is … Continue reading

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16 February 2014

I went to Supergraph today, the debut of a Contemporary Graphic Art Fair in Melbourne. I remember thinking when I first heard this term that it would be about superheroes and graphics, but I guess that was only mildly true. … Continue reading

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Happy Lunar New Year!

31 January 2014

Gong xi, gong xi! It’s that time of the year again, when I feel most Chinese. The remaining 99.5% of the year I stay culturally confused … It’s been a busy month at work already which is good, but the most … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

12 December 2013

… or something like it, considering I am in Australia. Anyway, I can safely unveil my latest project at work: our annual Christmas cards! My art director gave me free reign this year. The brief was the same—our branding had … Continue reading

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Wolverine in Japan

27 November 2013

Now I’ve always had a love (and hate) affair with Japan, and my brief holiday in May had such an impact on me, I suppose it is with great affection that I enjoyed The Wolverine a lot more than the … Continue reading

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When comic book genres collide

24 November 2013

Every now and then I participate in the OzComics Draw-Off Challenge, so who was I to resist last week’s topic, which was a cover revision/re-design! I love romance comics for all their exaggerated emotions (oh, the tears!) and Batman is … Continue reading

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I’m adaptable

5 November 2013

Well, it’s about time I updated! All new domain, all new design, all new work. As close to as an all new me as it gets. And The Dark Knight Rises pun is fitting since this site is now responsive—which means you … Continue reading

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Got Hitched (the magazine, that is)

22 October 2013

Even though I don’t even plan on getting wedlocked any time soon, this third issue of the locally made Hitched Magazine sure makes me long for a indie chic wedding (with masks?)! Gorgeous styling, design and production. So very, very … Continue reading

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Australian Impressionists

7 October 2013

I managed to make time to see the Australian Impressionists at NGV on its final day. I knew very little of them except from that one Herald Sun poster liftout about the Heidelberg School of Art I had when I … Continue reading

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