Becky Cloonan and the All Star Comic Market, oh my!

A few weeks back I was invited to participate in an all women comic market, organised by the team at All Star Comics in Melbourne (I cannot emphasise enough what a generous and amazing bunch of people they are) to coincide with Becky Cloonan’s in-store appearance.

Cloonan is an American comic creator, whose works include Batman, Gotham Academy, Demo, Killjoys, By Chance or Providence, among a long list of acclaimed titles. I was damn stoked to be even in her general vicinity. She was very gracious and patient and was happy to chat to each person. As one of the creators I got to cut in line to get my books signed, and while I felt a little awful for it, it’s probably the closest feeling to being VIP as I’ll get!

I didn’t have a lot of new work to show, given the short notice; my main features were my Catwoman75 zine (now in its second printrun!) and Trousseau zine (which I co-created with Kat from Book Thingo), and some fan art and original art prints. I’m perpetually stunned and humbled when a stranger wants to buy my art!

I got a few goodies from my neighbouring creators. I was thrilled to get a copy of Comfort Food Zine especially, since the next zine I am planning is very much comfort food related.

Afterwards I treated myself with a decadent chocolate sundae at the Lindt Cafe with my boyfriend. No regrets whatsoever!

TLDR: Becky Cloonan was awesome, my fellow creators were equally awesome, the All Star folks were awesome, awesome people bought my work and asked for sketches – it was an all round awesome day. I’m looking forward to more of these events (hopefully).

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