MCA Zine Fair 2015

I know I’ve been woeful with updating my blog, but if you’ve come here in search of my work after attending the MCA Zine Fair, hello and welcome! You couldn’t have asked for a better impetus for me to return to the blogging world.

The MCA is located at The Rocks, which is a beautiful spot by the Harbour. I specifically flew up to Sydney for the event. I shared a stall with fellow conspirator, Kat, selling our romance zine, Trousseau, and also art prints and my zine, Catwoman75, which I created just for the fair. It took me a whirlwind three weeks to write, illustrate, print and bind. It isn’t as comprehensive as I’d’ve liked, but it is a love letter to Catwoman, really. Also helping us was my boyfriend  who was pretty much a real life Fabio if I do say so myself.

There are still 5 copies of my Catwoman75 zine available for purchase, so if you missed out at the fair, fear not! I am happy to send you a copy. Please contact me for details, or leave a comment below.

Stall set up on Friday night
Stall set up on Friday night. The weather was awful, we were tired and lost, and had no idea what we were doing, but we made it, anyway!

The Book Thingo stall
Kat and I at our zine table on Level 2 of the MCA on Saturday. What a glorious view of the Harbour we had, too! We had a better idea of how to set up our things, so it looks much better here.

A menage a trois.

Who out-smouldered whom?
Alex’s smoulder makes you want to buy all the things.

I do the tourist thing every time
Doing the tourist thing on Sunday.

Was back at the fair on Sunday as a spectator. I kind of wish we’d gotten a stall on level 3 in this room by the window.

We spent some time to make pages to contribute to the MCA’s zine.

Collage collab
The biggest zine in the world. Ours is on the top far right.

Vivid Sydney
Vivid Sydney

Sydney Opera House looking vivid
A vivid Opera House.

Sydney Opera House
Cute projections.

Light projection at MCA
My favourite light display was this shatter animation projected onto the MCA exterior.

A photo posted by Jennifer Wu (@hullojen) on

My zine haul. I think my favourite one is The Little book for big worries since I often have anxiety, and I always liked the sincere self-help element of zines.

There are seriously some talented local artists and designers out there! Such a great community. I had a wonderful time, and am looking forward to returning next year. Hopefully.

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