When comic book genres collide

Heart Throbs OriginalEvery now and then I participate in the OzComics Draw-Off Challenge, so who was I to resist last week’s topic, which was a cover revision/re-design!

I love romance comics for all their exaggerated emotions (oh, the tears!) and Batman is never too far from my mind, so it just made sense to combine the two in a totally nonsensical way. I especially enjoyed the juxtaposition of the gendered extremes of comics: fluff and romance vs. dark, gritty superhero.

On the left is the original cover I picked, drawn by Nick Cardy, who sadly passed away earlier this month. His character designs were fondly called Cardy Babes, and for good reason, no?

And my modern mash-up, featuring Batman and Catwoman (well, Selina probably was crying at some point!) from The Dark Knight Rises in a nifty GIF, highlighting my process:


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